Thirty years ago the house at Calle La Cañada 2 was a ruin – the ‘tower’ at the front containing the only useable rooms. Its square cross section and pointed roof is typical of local architecture and is one of the oldest surviving examples of this style in Haría; its age estimated at 2-3 hundred years. The original timbers have been preserved – a very heavy resinous type of wood, cut with a horizontal axe rather than a saw – I suspect that this wood may have come from the last of the trees to be cut from the mountain behind the village, (the restoration of this slow-growing cloud forest is one of my main interests).

Our two very comfortable apartments are available for rent.

The rooms needed varying amounts of repair. The large room behind the tower required a new roof – this preserves the shape of the original although modern materials were used – the 4 metre-high roof keeps it cool in summer, (important for its original use as a fish shop). The original layout of the house has been preserved, the main modification being the addition of a garage and a couple of rooms at the side. The restoration, plus this addition, has resulted in three self-contained units, two of which are available for our guests. In 1998 the house (and garden) were listed by the island council as ‘a site of cultural and historic importance.

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